This poor guitar has been through many sets of tuners over it's life and the owner thought it was time to give it a set that was respectful to it's era.  I believe it's an L30.  I overlooked the fact that the peghead is tapered, after I had already ordered these...

Can anybody point me to a set of Klusons or something similar that have compensated shafts so they all have proper clearance.  Were these on a plate or individual?  There's so many pictures to reference and they changed over the years so they don't have to be dead on correct for the year, just something that look like they could have been original.  Thanks!

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They came with 3 on a plate machines w/ white plastic buttons.

They were never staggered in height.  That's a 'modern' thing.

These are fine quality & correct.

I found all this info in less than 10 minutes by using Google.

Thanks Paul, I'm suprised that Allparts still doesn't distribute Kluson.  They will have just the right amount of clearance without being overly long like other offerings I found.  

WD owns Kluson. 

You may wish to apply for a dealer/tech account at   No state retail reseller tax # required. 

They're good folks and dealer pricing is superb.

Another great source for parts, electronics and speakers is CE Distribution. Same dealer app flexibility. Also GREAT folks

Best of luck with the restoration of that cool archtop :)

Sent a PM to your FRETS homepage w/ more info :)

Thanks for the direction.  I got the tuners and they worked great.  Here's a quick phone pic of the finished guitar with the original DeArmond Guitar Mike back on.  It's low output and cumbersome but cool nonetheless.  

I recently used the TonePros Klusons recommended by Paul on a '64 Epi Texan. Very high quality. As I recall, they required a countersink on the rear to seat them, but this could be a false recall.

That looks GREAT, Brian :)


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