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That is different Paul .It looks real cool .But I hope you reinforsed all them sharp points with steel or you are going to have a lot of repair work coming back to you . But if your sales are down as bad as they are around here then you will have lots of time to fix them. Good luck with your project. Bill.""""""""""
O HEY BILL YOU SEE YOU MISSED THE POINT LOL the point being this is a guitar for playing but more for the looks ascetics sales bad no not any more i am making it on$ 450.00 a day on the average just in repairs how about your self it sounds like you down in the dumps if you are good with frets you should al3ways have a job or constant money flow i love repair
supper glue it wont melt though

I made a stand for my two soldering irons, and glued two short lengths of copper pipe into a wooden frame, and had to scrap it upon first use. I do not know if it was melting, but it was gassing out like crazy.
explain that again please Rick
Steve Vai fan? I remember this guitar. You did a good job with it. I think you got it down well...Mike
thank you mike happy hell o ween
Hi Paul - Gads I like that axxe-- looks like something I would attempt-- Love the unusual and odd-
I'm working on a mando now that has a 25.4 inch scale and a classical body-tuned one octave lower than std.-- got it almost done and I posted it on a blog on my page if ya want to see it --- Keep making things like that cuzz the hard rockers will buy them.....
Hope the owner has workman's comp.
Tim do you know how insurance cos work are you in entertainment if you are an entertainer and you then fall ,better fall on stage in front of cameras to collect that work comp and even then Arnold swartz whatever the Governator will put a cap on it so i am not that worried thanks Tim


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