Have you ever experimented with them, and if so any good suggestions?

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I bleed enough on accident. I would like to modify that!
Yea, works great for the 'ROCK' players to clean their humbuckers up using the vol. Most use a 0.01micro farad but I find a 0.008 a little more subtle. It takes nothing away from the full vol sound. Its a nice little cheap mod I suggest to a lot of my customers.
I have used a .001µF for many years, but I have never tried a .008µF cap. I will try it. Thank you so much.

Have you ever tried the mod that Seymour Duncan recommends?
I'd second MrGlyn's suggestion of .008uF cap for treble bleed. Works nicely for most guitars with humbuckers and 500k pots. ( BTW, this item may be marked as .0082 or 8.2 n or 822 which all mean essentially the same. )
For single coil pickups, there are two kinds of treble bleed circuits often recommended ( google search) - both connected between the hot and centre terminals of the volume pot. One has a small cap and a resistor of a few hundred 'k' in parallel, and the other has cap and resistor in series. Surprisingly, both versions work, though they sound a bit different. The version with R and C in parallel seems to change the rotary loudness response of the pot more, which may benefit some samples of volume pot more than others. I usually try both and just go with what feels best on that particular instrument.


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