Hey everyone,
I'm about to repair a carbon fibre Martin for the shop.

I have a new back for it and the old braces are off and cleaned up.... and as this forum needs some activity i thought I'd ask what glue you'd all recommend i use?

The thing is I'm not certain about is the actual top layer of the CF, it seems like CF but if someone in the know said 'its a layer of X for this reason....' i'd be all

I'm guessing epoxy, hhg, or maybe lmi white might be fine.

thanks in advance

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Is this one of the "X" series guitars? They are phenolic laminate (think Formica or Micarta) not carbon fiber. Martin claims Titebond will work and is a recommended adhesive for the stuff, but I don't really trust it so much. I've had good luck with medium viscosity cyanoacrylate.


Hi Frank,
thats right - it is an "X" series - and formica sounds (and feels) absolutely right.
Thats great, I'll get the CA on it,
thanks for your time!
all the best,
I repaired one that had the strap button come loose and hit the floor and came loose one half the back and part of the top and super glue worked fine

Robro Ron
i know this is a late addition but i have used jbweld successfully for this same repair


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