I am looking for some input on how to cut and laminate the back side of a peghead with veneer like the early vega banjosMy bandsaw is too small to cut virtically across the peghead and I need ideas on how to do it another way.Any ideas?

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If you are refering to a way to prepare the back of the peghead for an overlay, you can do this on a drill press with a cutter bit. I use a pin router for this kind of operation and it works well. Frank has some info on his site about the Wagner Safety Planer or some such device. I don't have one but it looks like a good tool. I'm sure you could also rig up some kind of jig to use with a hand held router to keep the depth constant. I'd just be sure to do my practicing on some scrap wood first. I hope your repair is successful. There is an article on my website about a mandolin peghead conversion that shows the proceedure for doing this pretty well.
Ronnie Nichols


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