My fellow "Fretsters",

One of our members, Lonnie Barber, had some surgery done this week.  He's recovering nicely but he's looking at 2 weeks of agonizing "you can't do much" as ordered by his physician. I imagine that having to stay away from the workbench will seem like an eternity for him.

I've gotten to know Lonnie as one helluva great gentleman with a huge heart and a wickedly keen sense of humor as well as being a great and proud dad & grandpa (: He also has some REALLY cool vintage pieces that he's restored.

So, the purpose of this post is to acknowledge our friend/ brother/ comrade and will hopefully serve as a collective "Get well and back to the bench as soon as ya can, man" wish for Lonnie from his buddies at Frets.Net.

Best wishes Lonnie!!!!!

And now....back to our regularly scheduled programming........


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Lonnie  -

Sorry to hear of your need for surgery - it's no fun, that's for sure.  But, we're lucky to have that kind of repair work available when we need it, even if it's not covered under "warranty."

Take it easy, and DO what the docs tell you - don't mess around with recovery.  Speaking of which, I hope it's speedy and complete!

All the best,


Lonnie here's wishing you a complete and speedy recovery.  If the Docs give you a choice ask them to use HHG and not Titebond.... :)

All the best to You Lonnie!!!

 Get better and do all your Dr is telling ya to do Bucko! 


Just remember; F=ma, never push a rope, and do as your trusted doctor tells you.

Hopefully, he'll tell you to get back to "work" soon!

Best Regards, 


     Thank you very much gentlemen. I had a Pacemaker/Defibrilator installed. I am now home with Appetite restored. Like Paul said I'm wishing I could get back to my projects. I did walk into my studio earlier,and put my hand on a piece of Brass I got to build Brackets for my 63 Kay Swingmaster. My left arm is in a sling to make sure I don't move it and break their work loose. I appreciate all your good wishes.  Thank you again Lonnie

May the Lord comfort you during healing.

Still recovering. I did drive a little yesterday. Went to Walmart and bought groceries. So guess I'm healing. Bruised as all get out and still sore. Thanks again guys



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