Adding an under-saddle pickup to a guitar with a through-cut-saddle

I did the final finish work and gluing of a Martin HD-28V kit guitar a couple years ago and amazingly, it turned out better than I expected, especially the sound. Pics of my project guitar:

I've always wanted to add a pickup system to this guitar, but of course in a hidden method (under the saddle pickup) with a hidden on-board preamp. The pickup system I'm interested in adding is the Fishman Ellipse Aura, which includes an under-saddle pickup coupled with an onboard preamp that hides under the soundhole.

My question is, how should I approach adding the pickup under the saddle? The vintage-style saddle is a through-cut saddle so it's not going to be as simple as it could be with just sanding down an original drop-in saddle.

Should I notch the saddle somehow or cut deeper in the bridge? Has anyone had experience doing this? Martin used to sell the equivalent guitar Martin HD-28VE (with Fishman pickup already installed) so I know that somehow it's possible.

Thanks for any help anyone may have to offer.

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Thanks for the advice on which pickup might be best for this particular situation. For what it's worth, I'll be installing a K&K on a guitar next week so I'll be able to hear first-hand how the sound turns out. :)

Now, in terms of a pure academic question, I'm still still curious about specific strategies/processes about how to actually do an install. Suggestions/ideas?
Installed the K&K Mini + Volume Control on a Martin 0-18 yesterday evening and it sounds really good! Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'm very tempted now to install it onto my kit HD-28 guitar. The install was pretty darn simple.


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