I have a great raw lightweight Tele body that I want to put a 3 layer perloid-black-perloid binding on. Top and back side...

I have a dremel and I'll get the Stew Mac guide and binding routing attachment, but how do I get the 3 layer binding together? I need to source all the 3 strips seperately and glue them on seperately too? With acetone?

I want to make a binding forming jig, to pre form the binding, too.

Any advice welcome, Greeting from California!


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Hi Micha,

Greeting from the Australian Capital Territory:  

Google " STEWMAC binding laminator" and all will be revealed - including how to brush in acetone to weld/glue them together.   Go through their "free stuff" and online vids on 'Tube  - there is a wealth of information and tips to be had.


I always put them on one layer at a time with acetone .   On the guitar. Bill.................

Hi Micha-- There is another place you can get info from other than where Russell said.

go to , and on the home page you will see a link on the top of the page called 


just click on the one you need and --- BANG---- a video will appear and show you how to do various things on how to make a guitar..

Best to you on your adventure----

Peace, Donald

Thanks guys! I'll check it all out. I know Stew Mac and LMII have great information out there, I'll read up!


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