A friend found his father's Gibson acoustic in the attic and would like me to somewhat restore it. It has been subjected to lots of temperature changes. I am posting photo of the guitar. This guitar is probably 50 years old, it's not a high dollar one, I don't think. Being somewhat of a novice this will give lots of experience in repairs and restoring.

As you can see from the photos the top is in terrible shape. The bridge was broken, the other piece was lost. The bridge plate is chewed up much worse than my photo show. All of the back braces are loose and one fell out when I touched it. Other than the bridge plate the top braces seem to be in good shape.

I plan to do the following unless led differently:
- A good cleaning and further checking
- New bridge
- New bridge plate
- Reglue back braces
- Refret
- Refinish

Would you handle differently? What would you do? I appreciate your help.

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Thanks Ned but I think I'll use the one I have! Thanks for the offer!
That's fine, Larry. If you change your mind, just let me know.



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