I love wood and I love guitars!

And I know this is a below the belt question for the ardent traditionalists in guitar construction but>

But after seeing the Carbon Fiber guitars I am tempted to make one of these , whats your thought on the sound production of these?

There is a few good demos on you tube to hear some of these as well.

I was wanting one of these more for travelling ( Water proof) and knock proof to a degree, but would need to know from some of you more experienced gents if using exotic resins on the fret board and bridge will give good results, thinking of maybe a hybrid, say wood for the fretboard and bridge and bone for the nut, the rest would be CF?


Would incorporate perfect temperament compensated fret boards as well, as I can CNC these!

Any thoughts on this subject?



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Hi Mark.


Within the recent past, Composite Acoustics (after Rainsong: they were the  #2 CF Guitar manufacturer) went belly up.

Hartley Peavey bought the name & tooling in 2010 and is now making CF guitars.


No doubt, he'll "Peaveyize" them and there will be warehouses full of unsold instruments.


As an engineer, you no doubt know that CF is extremely hazardous to work.  It's certainly not like working with wood.


Personally, I'd love to see a wood body/CF necked instrument.  Electric guitarists & bassists have been installing aftermarket CF necks for decades.  They'd solve many "neck adjustment" issues encountered by the traveling guitarist.


Any way you may choose to go....very best of luck (:


Luis and Clark make CF instruments.  I've heard one of the cellos, and thought it was pretty decent but not anything out of the ordinary.  One this with a bowed instrument is the constant input from the bow, which will drive the top, guitars depend on that single attack.  I think that the uses I've seen for it in guitars such as combo bracing (spruce/CF lam) neck reinforcement, and the like are great.  If you fish and have ever tried a well-made bamboo fly rod against a well-made cf rod, you'll know that there is a difference.  I have both, and the bamboo are antiques, worth way-too-much to be messing with any longer, but they're what my grandpa taught me on.  They have a different load, vibration transfer, and a smoother play than the CF, which tend to feel jerky too me, and maybe give me too much information.  Going after the big fish, maybe you want that CF, but the subtlty is gone...


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