I would like to get one, but unfortuneately Taylor won't sell them direct. Stew Mac gets enough of my money as it is.

If you have one, please include a picture of the top and bottom.


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but SM is one of the best at getting it to ya & LMII.Build yur own!Taylor would probably charge more than SM!!!
I found a plan for a wooden buck and built it and have used it many times. If you're interested in it I'll try to find the maker of it. The plan was something like $15 and it cost almost nothing to build, mostly from scrap wood. The function is similar to the Taylor Fret buck, it just isn't out of that heavy material.
Byron Merritt
You can look it up on ebay under luthiers cool tools as a fret buttress or email The cost is $18 on ebay, it has been well worth it to me.

Thanks for your replies. I have been in tool maker mode lately and don't know why I didn't think of making my own. I ended up designing one made out of a chuck of maple covered with cork and similar to the Taylor fret buck but with some wood worker clamp hardware that threads into the attached handle and the clamping caul.

It uses a rod that has both left and right handed threads on it that spreads itself when turned in a counter-clockwise direction. I used a few short scraps of t-track to allow for the whole clamping mechanism to slide about an inch, then tighten to the platform to accommodate different bracing patterns.

Is there any way to post pictures on this site? I just joined less than a week ago and would like to share some pics of this thing in a few days once it's done, in addition to some other tools I've made recently.

You can add pictures by using the camera icon on the tool bar in the "Reply to this" window or you can us the "Upload Files link that is directly under the "Reply to this" window. The limit is three pictures per post.


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