Hi all. Thinking of spending some of my hard-earned on useful tools and stuff that I've had my eye on for a while. A few times while doing nuts I've had trouble really seeing what I'm doing. So I got some new lighting and a dentist-style inspection light. Still struggling, so I guess it's my eyes just getting old and slow! Looking at getting an Optivisor as a Xmas present to myself. Anyone have experience with them? I see there are a bunch of different options.

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For me the SM visor has too many cumbersome moving parts and is way too much cash. I use a cheapo $10 version that works great. And yes hardware glasses in various powers.

Hello Keith,

I have three Optivisors---#3, #7and #10---and a #5 lens in the drawer that I periodically swap in for the #7. I've tried the cheaper brands hoping to find something less expensive for my students---stick with Optivisor!




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