I've got an early 60's J45 on the bench i did a nice repair on a very bad brake (the old and familiar head stock snap) did the splines and a nice refinish and all ,well its didn't go as i wanted over time. Its still intact but needs to be strengthened . Ive become interested in trying the carbon graphite cloth method Ala Joe Glaser. Carbon fiber is new to me and there are many types of carbon fiber cloth and i'm trying to find the right one for this repair has anyone tried this ? it looks promising

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The brake [sic] repair might also require a new rotor and pads.

I just couldn’t resist.

I hope someone provides the information you need.

Best of luck with your project.

hi Paul

i called Joe Glasers shop again and got a good explanation of the technique

Basically its l fairing down the wood around the break about a 1/16" than laying down the carbon graphite cloth applying a strong epoxy like West System till flush sand to perfection, refinish as appropriate,, logical really.I'm still waiting for my

fiber cloth to show up and a specialized pair of scissors to cut the stuff. i'm excited to see how well this works for myself and if it works like i hope it will ill be doing many happy dances!!  




Bad brake update

OK i'm into the process now i've applied the epoxy( i'm using West System G Flex toughened epoxy)   laid down the carbon fiber cloth applied a first coat then applied  a second coat of epoxy for leveling,,, cure cure cure  ,,,sand sand sand. I now have a very strong repaired joint ,, now onto the finishing process ....i think i my be please!! im going to have to call up Joe and his crew and thank them!!



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