Im curious to kno if there are any books that are geared at bending wood.
Im having a problem with bending because I have a tendency to scorch the wood as Im bending it.. thanx in advance for any help that someone has for me ..

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Hi Don

Like the idea of making my own bending irons. Woulod you be kind enough to oblige with some details, i.e. OD of copper tube and if possible, links to a source of suitable heaters?

Would appreciate greatly.



Hi Dave --- Since I originally posted this question I have made perchase on an electric bending iron and I can say it does a great job of doing what needs to be done.

I would say that before that I did a bunch of things to bend side wood for guitars/ECT. with various success.

in this case I say experiment and I bid you well.

Peace, Donald  

I made my bending iron 40 years ago out of a copper 6 inch pipe and mashed it

to a tear drop shape with 4 different curves, soddered the ends in with a charcoal

starter for heat and have used all these years. I since made a copy of Foxs bender

and don't use the copper one but for custom bending,  A while back I used it to

bend one side for a Gibson side and had things all done and went to the house

and called it a night. I have a bad habit of hitting things with my hand and dusting it off and you guessed it right

I did it to my hot bender it took several weeks to heal my palm up! I never forgot to turn it off and I don't dust with my hand any more!

A wiser Ron now!!


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