I have already done a few refrets and I always had trouble with spillage while wicking the glue into the slots on bound fingerboards. What is the best way to mask the area? This far the best thing that worked for me was masking tape on each side of the fret and acetone dampened paper towel. But you still have to be swift - apply, wipe and remove the paper. However sometimes it works better than other times. I've already noticed that acetone only makes goo out of CA and does not remove it in just a single swipe. Nitromethane remover or ketones aren't available here for me. I want ease of use with as little clean up as possible

Second, how do you introduce glue into the slot?

Thank you very much.

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Fretting the board prior to installing the board on the neck, the neck on the guitar will prevent you from leveling AND shaping the board as needed prior to fretting.  It's also a great way to get a hump at the body joint.

Instead when the board is leveled on the guitar (after finishing for me) I can sand in fall-away if needed, add relief as desired to the board prior to fretting, and even correct to some degree a neck with more relief on the treble side than the bass side.  Then once this is done when I do press my frets the dressing process is absolutely minimal with very little material needing to be removed from the frets, less crowning, less everything.  And the issues mentioned have been addressed at the board level not just the frets.

Some years back a very good builder developed a strict methodology for pressing frets into the board off the guitar and prior to installing the board on the guitar.  This builder, an engineer was very precise and had a protocol for how he did this and even wrote an article about the process.

What seems to have happened is that many builders adopted the fretting off the gutiar part but not the rest of the strict methodology.  The claim is made at times that no leveling is required in this case - I think not....

Anyway learning to fret on the guitar, even a brand new finished guitar is not difficult and permits builders and repair folks to use the very same methods, same tools, etc. on either and lets us address more of the issues at the board level.


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