I'm always looking for something new for me to try. I had a classical guitar in for repair, the guitar had been dropped and the the top was loose from the tail block. Needed some glue, but I noticed that the top was only glued to the rim of the tail block, it had a bevel on top and the gluing surface for the top was as wide as the kerfing. The rest of  the block had normal thickness.

Thinking about it this is not a bad idea, should "unlock" the top around the tail block.

The drawback is that the construction will be weaker.

Any opinions about this detail?

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I, for one, have done a fair bit of repair on instruments with undercut neck or end blocks, where things have sprung loose after impact or heat stress. . .

Sobering fact. I will keep that in mind!

For the life of me, I don't know how undercut neck blocks made it to the street.


Undercut neck blocks ???

Name and shame, Frank ...

Been around since 1833. Progress isn't always linear I guess.

Tone improvement of not, I'd think it would make a guitar louder as the top's excursion would probably be greater.


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