I pulled this bridge doctor out of a 1970's epiphone guitar. There is a patent on it, but it does not resemble the the JLD. Does anyone know some history of these? I would assume it is a home made version, but the patent throws me for a loop. It did it's job and seems to be of high quality. Any thoughts?

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Do a Google search on the Patent number. Lots of info there.

Interesting.... I've seen a few home made versions, but never one with a patent number on it.  Maybe you could send the shots to Don Kendall down in Roswell NM ("Mr. Bridge Doctor" hisself) and get his take?

He's probably defended his patent more than a few times and perhaps this was one of the upstarts. 

Search patent #4,206,678 seems  appropriate
It comes back to Espinos Guerrero, of Spain, issued in 1980.... the thick plottens!

Thank you all for the the thoughts and comments. I did the google search, but I don't really see much there. Mike... I like your saying, you must be a funny man.


To the best of my faded memory, that looks like the first iteration of the Bridge Doctor.
Looks a lot like a Landola guitar bridge assembly...
Thanks ya'll.


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