hey guys me again,

Build planning is coming together slowly but surely and I'm just starting to get all the parts together for the actual build.

The question I have is what glue would you guys recommend for gluing the body and neck together and neck and fretboard together?

I'm using maple for the body and neck and zebrawood for the fretboard if this makes any difference.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Ryan--  I have always used titebond glue and have had no problems with it -- do a good job and best of the best on your build-- God bless, Donald


I agree with Donald that original Titebond is find for new instruments. I've used hot hide glue for a lot of my repair but only because it's what was originally used. Just make sure it's the original version. The other may stay a bit more elastic and be more prone to creeping over time. 

cheers guys, greatly appreciated


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