I got another one.  Eastman acoustic, 12-54 strings.  Customer wants lower action, fingerpicker.  I got it to 2/32 at the 12th, had to do a fret level/dress.  D string still buzzes around the 5-9th frets.  Relief is correct, saddle looks good, radius correct.  Tried new string.  Why does the D string buzz noticably, when the others are ok?

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If the D pair are too close together, one string can buzz against the other. Just a possibility. Does the buzz go away if you add relief?
I think it's a 6 string strung with 12-54 strings , not a 12 string.

Check the radius of the saddle, it may need a bit more height in the centre
Yeahhh... so much for speed reading.
When you did the fret dress, did you incorporate a "ramp" down from the 14th fret ?
Yes, Murray. It had pretty good drop off from the factory, and I kept it intact.
I would do as Greg and Jeff suggest :
- check if it still buzzes with more relief
- check the saddle radius
The saddle radius idea makes sense. I checked it, and it's 12", as the fingerboard is too. Is it common to need a bit more, say 10 or 11" to keep the middle strings from buzzing?
Perhaps 2/32 at the 12th is a tad low ?
Nut slot too low? When that is the case there is usually buzz lower than 5-9th frets, but still could be a reason for a single string buzz. Does it buzz with a capo on?
Haven't tried a capo. I don't think it's buzzing behind. I think it's hitting the 12th or 14th fret. I'll check it, thanks.
Maybe. Customer wants it low, but there are limitations. Why just the D string?
I'm just guessing here, but it sounds like a fret issue. Are you doing your fretwork under simulated string tension? It was a mystery buzz on a level and crown that finally convinced me to buy the stew mac neck jig.


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