Hey everyone!
I'm hunting for some cream celluloid binding to match a late 50's Gibson's binding.
I have found white binding, but obviously it's the wrong colour. Does anyone know where to get cream celluloid binding? if not is there a good way to dye the white binding?
will the white binding turn cream over time?
was the original late 50's gibson binding white to begin with, or did it start off cream?
Thanks everyone!

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Did you not have any luck with Dave Tom????????
LMII carries a cream binding with dimensions .060” x 1/4” x 49”, It's ABS and not celluloid. Would that difference be a deal breaker?

Yeah, it would unfortunately be a deal breaker for this particular job.
This topic has sparked a project. I will be bringing in a few pieces of ivroid binding to work and I will hang them from the ceiling of the smoking room. That should bring about a patina relatively quickly. If anyone else has interest in trying this out, perhaps a local pub might be willing to let you try it out. I will post as I get information on this.
Smoking room? What's that? Just kidding. It's not easy to find a place to smoke these days in Toronto, thankfully I quit a year ago! Let us know how that turns out.
I like the cream binding sold by

Good luck,
Larry Cohea
The pieces I can get are only up to 54" in length. I am assuming it needs to be one piece correct?
I will keep looking although.


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