Hi folks!

   I have a Gibson Songwriter I'm regluing the battery "pack" on.  It mounts on the neck block.

  What should I use to clean the currently sticky neck block with ?  I want the surface to be as clean as possible, but, the solutions I keep reading about (Goo Gone and UnDo )seem like they would make the surface.. shall we say .. less likely for anything ever to stick there again.  Ideas?


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Maybe a three-step process?  Clean what's there with the GooGone (or whatever will get the gunk off) then scrub it up with naptha, then clean the surface again with rubbing alcohol and let dry.  

I've always just used naphtha. Does the job; no need to follow with anything. Let it evaporate completely before sticking the pack back on.

The conversation reminds me of how much I dislike those stick-on battery packs and their nefarious cousins, the adhesive cable guides!  

Some work better than others but it seems like they all fall off, eventually.  If at all possible, I'll usually try to talk the customer into some sort of permanent mounting.

I'm going with Greg... Naphtha. If in doubt, naphtha, let it dry, a light sanding, naphtha again to remove any dust, and a good double sided foam tape. I've found some that was designed to hang pictures at Home Depot... strong enough for a battery. As an aside, last week I had a customer-modified guitar cross the bench. He had gone with an active pickup, and disconnected everything else (that's fine). The battery he had taped to the back of the guitar, and run a snap connector into the cavity. MacGyver would be proud!

I staple a longer piece of velcro to the sides of the neck block with it stretched tight across the neck block face (no staples into the face). The only thing I've found to work reliably and no sticky kid stuff. 


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