Hey all,

I tried my first color match the other day on the back of an acoustic and it went better than I had expected.  I used this StewMac video:

I didn't do it exactly like this, but still turned out pretty nice.

Then I tried something similar on top(front?) of an acoustic and I could color match on one side of the light, but when I would view it from the other side of the light it was definitely off.  How do you guys color match when you are repairing a cosmetic scratch/ding?  I was kind of floored on how different the coloring was depending on the angle I was viewing the guitar at!

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Sounds like you are looking into the run out grain of the book matched top?

Sorry Thomas,

I'm new at this so I'm sure what "run out grain" and "book matched top" means.

It's impossible to color-match many natural-finished woods, especially spruce, because of the difference in how the wood looks with light from different angles. I avoid doing any sort of opaque touchup on natural tops. Even a deep clear fill looks better in most cases.

While you are looking up "bookmatched" and "runout", also look up "chatoyance".


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