On one of his videos, Robert O'Brien recomends using tinted drywall compound to fill the grain in guitars.

    This would be very attractive as living in Trinidad it is hard to get some items and impossible to ship others.

I also like to find out the base recipies for common products we use every day, and third I'm  trying to source as much as I can locally to build guitars.

    does anyone have any insight on this application?

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I just checked and what I use is this: . It does shrink a little and usually takes 2-3 coats with a few hours dry time between each coat. Sand back after each coat. The first project I used drywall compound (old fashioned powder stuff) on is a humidor w/BRW veneer over home made Spanish Cedar plywood from ~1980. Oldest instrument is a Koa uke from about the same time. Both look great except the rattle can lacquer on the Uke has crazed.


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