I've had two Ovation guitars needing neck work hanging around for a while, one I'm embarrassed to say for two years+. I have solicited advice from Ovation/ Kaman, and this forum with no response from the former and skepticism, and claymores from the later. I finally bit the bullet and took on the easier of the two, a simple, action lowering, neck reset on a " Balladeer, Mod: 1861", this model has a bolt on neck, but I was still worried about a reported epoxy glued fingerboard extension. I undid the bolt to see what  would happen,    the heel popped loose, the fingerboard extension stayed glued, and by bending the neck a bit I was able to get some sandpaper in the joint, take down .13mm and bolt the neck back. the whole thing from start to finish over in 20 min.

I guess if the model you have is not bolted you still have a problem but if by chance it is bolted it's duck soup

 The other has a neck crushed into the body one whole fret worth, perhaps a "hot car creep"?  still don't know what to do with that one

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Memory fades, but someone (and not terribly long ago) wrote in this forum that they had some success with heating the neck joint and clamping it "into submission" using the thermoplastic properties of the beast against itself!   

I think Frank mentioned that the ning/ search feature is haywire lately so, with any luck, maybe the OP could chime-in here, unless someone can quote chapter & verse?

they(bodies) were afterall made in a large easybake oven......


From their  virtual factory tour some are SMS a fiber filled thermoplastic,  higher end units are hand laminated epoxy/ glass fiber.  The thermoplastic, I think unsuitable.

    .  After restringing this guitar I found the neck has pulled into the body deforming the top very slightly on the cutaway side causing the neck to fall off of the center line, the treble strings "run out"diagonally off the fretboard at higher frets, I don't know how to fix that without removing, or partially removing the top which is glued with space age "mahogany dogshit" as some more creative woodworkers called epoxy back in the day. String break angle at the headstock is strat style (String trees needed??) the saddle is soft plastic and incorporates the pickup, buzzes & mutes from everywhere. I'm beginning to see from whence the claymore school of thought is coming from


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