Does anyone have a method for pore filling with egg whites that they would like to share? Or any opinions on it (Pros or cons of this method)? 


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Here is a link to a brief tutorial by Allen McFarlen on this.

I used this method on my last build to fill pores in Claro walnut.  It certainly is easy to manage, cheap, non-toxic and not smelly.  No hard work to sand it back like with epoxy or CA.  It worked pretty well, although there was a little bit of shrink-back under the final finish (which was oil).  Maybe I should have done one more treatment (I think I did two coats) - but I do a buffed satin finish and don't mind a few pores persisting, to make it look like real wood.  If I had been trying to do a perfect gloss nitro finish I probably would have been a bit disappointed with the pore filling result.  But, again, I would blame the operator, not the method. I will be trying it again on my next guitar. 

As always, it is definitely a good idea to practice on some scrap first.  Make sure you show us the result!



 This is a pretty old method that they have apparently been using in the Violin world for hundreds of years. I would imagine that a violin builders Forum would get you a definitive answer on how to do this flawlessly. 

Mark, good for you for not only trying it, but doing it again ! I love stuff like this.


Thanks for your responses Mark and Kerry! I will post my results when I get a chance to try this out.


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