I have a good friend that is in the market for a guitar. He's been talking to me about purchasing an acoustic and we've talked about a lot of different brands and models but as we have done this, it's become apparent that he would probably be happier with an electric. I am an acoustic guy and in spite of an electronic background, I have a VERY limited knowledge of what is good and what is not good in that market.

 He's talking about something in the $600.00 to $800.00 range. He is primarily interested in cording with some lead stuff as he improves his skills.  He's primarily a bass player now and getting pretty good but he has played guitar for several year so he not a beginner.  Any recommendation?

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Thanks again, Paul, for your input and thank you, Alexander, for your recommendation. I looked at the website for Bunker and I think there are some interesting guitars there.  I will mention them to my friend but I'm recommending that he look at guitars that he can test directly. I realize that he could order one and return it if it wasn't what he wanted but he hasn't refined what he wants enough to really do that effectively.

Bunker seems to have some nice guitars on the site. I don't really buy into the whole "Sustainium Tension Free Neck System" bit simply because I don't believe that a 3/8ths  rod, even cold rolled, can absorb all the tension on the neck as they appear to be claiming, but they appear to be decent guitars with some innovative ideas on their high end instruments. Thanks again for the heads up.  


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