Flattening frets? I've converted a half-size child's Strat into a 5-string EOM (scale length=19"). With new PUs from Carvin it sounds great! However, because it's a child's guitar, the neck is not THAT well made and the frets are not absolutely flat - which means I have a high action.
I am confident that I am able to sand down the frets so that they are level, but then some frets (especially up the top end of the neck) would have flat tops. I can't afford a radius fret file; does anyone have any cheaper alternatives?

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You could modify a cheap triangular file by sanding its edges to use it like this one :
Good suggestion! Thank you, I will give that a try. Are there any filing tips you could give me?
The way I plan to initially flatten the frets is black marker on the top surface; 600 grit on a 2'0" long builder's level (quite straight) and take off the high points with gentle back-and-forth movement, visually checking constantly. Is that a good way to do it?
Getting back that lovely crowned fret appearance might be tricky?
That's the way I do it. Before starting check if the neck is straight. Once started be careful : be gentle, follow the fingerboard radius if any, support the neck on its whole lenght.
About the crowning tricks : I don't have any idea as I've always used re-crowning diamond files (only way for a pro in my humble opinion). Maybe someone here would have some experience of your method. Maybe you should re-name your discussion's title to get more people on this re-crowning subject?
Thanks; it's worth a go - even though there is no truss rod to straighten any neck-movement (it is a cheap guitar and probably could do with a luthier-made neck - but ha! no money for that!).
It's not my main instrument - that's mandolin - it's a slight diversion in the band (when doing old country-covers) ... but having such a high action makes it no fun to play. The neck is pretty straight already; it's just a mixture of poorly placed frets and a slight wobble in a badly laid fretboard.
And yes - thank you for the suggestion; I will rename the thread and see if I get any more takers.


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