I am looking to possibly buy a used made-in-USA

Martin model DX1. It is being sold at a relatively-low

price, due to a large crack on the front (see attached photo).

I cannot repair this myself.

Can someone please possibly give me an estimate of

what a luthier in Mass. might charge for such a repair,

and it this a repair that is going to by stable and worth the money?

Thank you.

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I have a similar crack on a guitar I'm building.  I was careless with the humidity. The only finish is shellac on the top to protect it during the build.  It's only been cracked a few days.  I'm humidifying it now.  My question is, if and when the crack closes, how can I get glue in if it's closed?  Also, is Titebond or hide best?  Thanks.

Jack, I've found that even a closed crack will flex when you push on it. the crack you have is easily long enough to flex so you can work glue into it by smearing it on the crack as you apply enough pressure to make it flex a bit. you may want to press down lightly on only one side to expose the other side's edge a but too. It's not really all that hard and with the shellac sealing the wood, removing excess glue shouldn't be a problem. 

 If you use damp rags to remove excess glue, be sure you don't dilute the glue in the crack too much. I like hot hide glue for cracks but titebond will work just fine 


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