The gent who is admin on this site seems to hold keys to case-making for the last 150 years. There are lots of detail photos and lots of knowledgable folks there too!

 If the link does not work, and you are already on facebook, search  'vintage musical instrument cases'. It really is wort the visit... 

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Thanks for sharing.  I bookmarked this website ( quite a while ago. The case repair info is invaluable. I wish he'd add info on Fender cases.

Thanks for the note about the Facebook group - hadn't see it myself, although I've followed his Web site from the beginning.

I've known Steve for decades, and he is really into the old cases!  Some   years ago he made a knock-out replica original style case for his prewar Martin dreadnought.  

We're all the better for his efforts on the Web.

 "We're all the better for his efforts on the Web."     Frank, this is what we say about YOU when you are not in the same room as us! Love ya buddy! 

Thanks guys for the kind words about my Vintage Instrument Cases Facebook page and website. I would like to have something on Fender cases. Of course they aren't a case company, they had cases made by Bulwin, Victoria, etc. I have published the little I could find on the Victoria Case Co., but have found no information on Bulwin. I'm always seeking more information and I'm currently researching several new areas. I'll add my appreciation for Frank Ford. I'm glad to consider him a friend.

Steve Kirtley


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