I'm looking to buy or make a better inspection light for acoustic guitars and mandolins. I've been using a regular sized fluorescent light bulb, but would like to find something as bright or nearly as bright but narrower so that I can pop it in between the strings on an acoustic tuned to pitch or smaller instruments like mandolins, ukes, etc. 

Pictures and links would be great!

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I bought something similar to this,,,,,

from StewMac??....maybe? It is branded Popular Mechanics and uses two AA batteries that last forever. I really can't remember how I got it but it has been with me for years and works really well for 'tight spots'.

It was no where nearly that expensive. A google search did not return any like it, however?

Lee Valley has a special purchase and a very good price right now on a wireless Borescope. I just ordered one. It sends the video to your smart phone or tablet.,43456&p=71672  

Thanks Mark! That is a cool tool, for little money!


Yeah I just saw that at Lee Valley too. Certainly looks fun. Personally I might rather have one with its own screen, but thats beside the point, its pretty cheap.

I have a mirror I got at an auto supply store that is about 2 x 3" that has a couple of nice bright LEDs on it. Its very useful for guitars with sound holes, and cost me about 4 bucks I think. It will fit in a lot of f holes too but Id still rather have a boroscope in that case I suppose.

That little Sealy flexible led light looks like it would be great for mandolins. Also, the Borescope is very tempting for repairs deep in the lower bout of acoustic guitars. Thanks for the suggestions.

My saxophone leak light is handy for acoustics:


I bet that does a great job. Under $20 too. I'll give it a try, Thanks.

While looking at the ebay link I also came across this LED light tape. Anyone tried modifying this stuff for an inspection light?


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