Can anyone steer me to a replacement bridge for the FG-230? Most replacement parts are smaller than the original.


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It is a Red Label Nippon Gakki..Ser. # 857231. I'll get some pics up today.

No idea about the glue. Sorry, if I were to guess and relate it to today's offerings, I'd think it might be some sort of epoxy, as it did not really soak into the fibers too deeply.

Here are some pics of my efforts -

Keep in mind this is my first attempt and I do not plan on making a career out of this, otherwise I would have invested in more specific tools to do a better job of removing things. If it were more valuable I would haven taken it to a professional. So with all that in mind, after cutting the neck to a point I purposely and carefully wanted to break it off, which I did.

I did this because I find it easier to "piece back" and align broken joints then cleanly cut joints. For instance, when I repair a model plane that has had an accident it is much easier to align things back to where they were, when broken, rather then "repair" cleanly cut joints, it is not unlike a jigsaw puzzle the pieces do fit nicely together again. Rightly or wrongly that is what I did and presumably the bolts will be providing the strengthen for the repaired joint.

As I see it I have a few options when correcting the neck angle - add material to form the corrected angled interface or remove material from the heel to form the correct angle. I'm leaning toward adding material, in my mind that would "fill" the kerf of the saw cut and help keep the overall length of things more correct.


Thanks so much for posting pictures - its so hard to find pictures of how the heck these Yamahas were assembled.

Sadly, when I went to my classroom yesterday, I pulled out MY red label FG-140, and discovered that the bridge was lifting off and the neck was starting to separate from the body. Looks like I'll be doing a reset too.So I really appreciate being able to see what the heck is going on in there.

No problem, I'll post some pic's as I continue along this project. Regards.

Well, two days of sanding and the top is "unslathered" and about ready for a new finish.



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