Hi all, Merry Christmas!

Regarding the mandolin I was posting about I just used a fret position calculator for a 22 fret Gibson to find the fret positions for the new fingerboard extender piece I am putting on my Kentucky KM650 an I discovered that the existing fret positions are quite 'out'!! the first fret is about 0.5mm out and it gets worse from there... to the last existing fret is about 4mm to long (0.158 " for you imperials!). What should I do? Do different manufacturers use different positions? I was planning to use the break point, where I was pretty sure a fret was positioned, to place another fret, but the calc says that fret should be placed 4MM further up... Help!!


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I agree that the way these go together is a pain but I think it is not an option to leave it off completely.

I think the catch with that approach is that it leaves the neck joint  to handle string tension alone. It might work if the instrument was designed for this but this instrument wasn't engineered for this approach. Having part of the neck/fingerboard attached to the top of the instruments strengthens the joint by distributing the pressure over a larger area.

Besids that there is already a solid neck block under that part of the Insturment .So it wouldn't make any differents to the sound anyway.

G'day Leon, If you are looking for some "adult supervision" to do this repair there are some very experienced amateur luthiers in Darwin who are active on the Australia-New Zealand Luthier Forum.  They might be willing to give you a hand with replacing the whole fingerboard.  It would be the best way to make the repair, and is quite doable for someone with a bit of experience and the right tools.  If you want to try this I would suggest that you go to and post a message about being a newbie wanting to fix a mando in Darwin.  You will probably get a response.   




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