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I am unable to decide which glue to use - epoxy or CA?

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Does it squeeze shut easily? Have you figured out how to clamp it? Do I see old glue remnants in there?

Either glue would work; I think it depends more on what you are comfortable with.

Hi Greg, thank-you for your reply.
I am able to squeeze half of the crack that is toward the neck easily. The other half of the crack not so easy. You will see in the picture my attempt to clamp using tie down straps. I have the crack closed but the half of the crack towards the back end took some tension with the last strap to get it to close. As for old glue - maybe in certain sections (I haven't looked closely on that yet). I plan on reinforcing the crack on the inside of the bowl-just not sure if I should use cleats or...
My concern is if it takes pressure/tension to close the back half of the crack will the glue hold it together or will it eventually separate? 

Make sure there aren't misaligned edges or loose shreds of wood that are preventing it from closing up. If this is a modest instrument I think I'd glue as much of the separation closed as I could without having to put extreme tension on the straps, then fill remaining gaps and paint artistically to hide the crime. You are right that if it takes a lot of force to close it up, it's probably going to come apart at some point.

I’d probably use fish glue as it has a long working time and is water cleanup. Similar to hot hide glue except you have a longer working time before it sets up. Epoxy or CA is more difficult to clean off the finish. I’d add some inside reinforcement help keep it from separating in the future.



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