even after using 3000 grit wet/dry and a pro polishing machine with the correct compound i'm seeing fine scratches on a cellulose finish. any ideas on a good burnishing cream ?. I tried a swirl remover [ known as T-CUT over here in the uk ] but that was WAY too abrasive.

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 You don't really have to work all that hard with the sanding IF you run through all of the Micromesh in order. From your comments, you appear to be having  a much tougher time getting a slick finish than I've ever had using this process. 

 I actually like the micromesh pad and just use my fingers with water to sand things. I keep a spray bottle handy to mist the area I'm working and I keep a bowl of water to dip the pad into to clear the "paper".  I don't work the micromesh hard so much as I try to work it even. I will end up with a white slurry as I work which I wipe off with a soft cloth before moving on to the next grit. When I finish, the finish is only the slightest bid flat and the swirl remover finishes it off. 

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