Hey everyone!
A martin X-Seried came into the shop recently for some crack repair and needs some lacquer touch on it. I know from the martin catalogue that it has a Urethane finish. Does anyone know what brand or exact kind of urethane this is? And what the method of application would be?

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I believe these tops get a quick swipe of Behlen Master Gel wipe-on Urethane.
Hey thanks alot!! Much appreciated!
I had a DCX1E and asked Martin Customer Service about the finish a few years ago. They said "it has a hand rubbed urethane paste finish which is available at your local hardware stor or home center such as Home Depot".
They didnt name the brand, but I assumed that meant Minwax since I cant find Behlen's at Home Depot.
Awesome! Thanks so much! I'm glad i checked the site this morning before heading to the shop because I don't have an internet connection there! This will be one of the first things i tackle this morning. That is after i get a few cups of coffee in my stomach! Ha!


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