I was woundering what you people clean your Instruments off after you buff them as I have a haze on mine and sometimes I wash them with soap and warm water and  it go's away  and some times not. Do you  use  some kind of wax after or what. Thanks for any help you can give me. Bill.''''''''''''''''''''''

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Have you tried Blush Eraser. I use Belhlen and purchase it from Stewmac. Just a thought.


Bill, check your rake (clean, no build up of gray wax; is it sharp?). This is one of the most over looked items when it comes to buffing. Check your wheel (is there build up on, in, or on the sides). What is your process for sand and prep pre-buff (all items and chemicals)? You could be leaving contaminates before buff. Most unlikly, though. How many wheels are using in your buffing process?

Do you have pics of the Haze?

If its on the top at the end of a buffing cycle, one of two or both things could be happening: cleanliness of tool(s) or clean spray (spaying a bad layer[s] and then sanding and buffing down to them).

Hope that Helps

I think that Steve and Mike have pinpointed the problem Thanks.


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