Hide glue lasts long in the refrigerator. How long does it last in the freezer?

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Just to be sure that no one confuses the real stuff, hot hide glue (HHG) mixed from granules with that awful bottled stuff my remarks are about hot hide glue and not the bottled stuff.

I typically get about 6 weeks in the fridge when I mix my HHG with tap water and a couple weeks longer when using distilled water.  In the freezer I have used ice cube trays to form the frozen cubes and then placed the cubes in a double bagged zip-lock bag and used it up to 5 months later.  It was still fine but I pitched the rest at 5 months being a paranoid sort about the glues that I use.  

These days I just mix it when I need it and put it in the fridge if there is any left.  It doesn't always make it to the fridge though... and seems to be fine for a couple of weeks anyway.

But I have not experienced any issues from freezing HHG and I know a number of Luthiers who freeze their too.

Great stuff!

That's interesting Hesh. I was a pastry chef for a lot of years and our desserts which contained gelatine (a food grade highly refined hide glue) would occassionally break down if frozen. There could have been other reasons such as citrus in the desserts but the experience was enough to keep my bottle of hide glue away from the freezer.


I just mix what I need for a couple days and refridgerate it....when I remember. I figure it's cheap enough to not be concerned if I have to throw some out. Cheaper than some guys bridge flying off in mid "screaming solo" because I used old glue.

Why do you want to hide your glue in the freezer? :-)  I'm one who mixes only what I need now, in those little condiment containers from my local mexican restaurant. I do way too many different procedures in a day so it's easiest for me to mix as needed. The material is cheap, and I waste maybe a tablespoon a month, but I always know for sure that my glue is fresh. I let the last batch sit in the cup to dry and the remnants pop right out like potato chips. Ten cups have lasted me the last year and I'll probably get another year or so out of them.

Here's and interest article/link discussing HHG and more specifically freezing HHG:  Hot Hide Glue

The author mentions Frank and FRETS as well as the HHG ice cube idea.

Scott good point and that is addressed, although ever so briefly, in the article.  The author likens HHG handling when it comes to freezing just like any food that is frozen.  One freeze and thaw cycle is fine, more and the stuff starts to break down.


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