I've been working a couple of days a week at the local Lee Valley for a few months. I give them most of the money they pay me in exchange for tools. Yesterday I discovered that they have just introduced a hot hide glue pot and warmer for $46 cad. It's a replica of an 1840's glue pot. The warmer looks like a cup warmer.

I went straight in to the back and found one to check it out, it looks very good. I'm going to work with it over the weekend, if anyones interested I'll let you know what I think. 

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John Arnold posted this link and said he liked it. My order arrived almost before I made it and it's great. Plus, I can always offer bikini waxing if times get tight:-)

The wax warmers look like a great idea if you use it enough to justify the space it occupies. I like the diy lid. Mamie Minch was where I first learned about them.

Thanks Mike!

My baby bottle warmer no longer holds water after a 3ft swan dive onto the concrete shop floor and I've been using hot water in my Yeti knockoff cup which works well but I miss my cup. 

My petite and feminine Philips baby bottle warmer is a perfect match to a used jam glass jar for the glue. It's on it all the time. I gave my big hairy masculine Hold-Heat warmer to a local luthier as a gift. Too big and too hot. Little did I know there was a trim potentiometer inside you could regulate down the temperature with! But I don't miss it anyway :-)

I had a hold heat. The inaccessible thermostat is the problem. With the wax warmer you can twist the knob and give it full juice to heat quickly and then back it to 140. Waiting for the hold heat to come up to temp was taxing. 

The wax warmer is larger than other rigs but you can't knock it over in any glue up mayhem. Not that that's ever happened to me.:-) 

My parents choice bottle warmer was ok , but I eventually drowned the thermostat. 


i've rigged up my own ghetto version of this, a $10 mini crock pot from the thrift store with a small metal spice can clipped to the side of it. 

the can has a matching lid, so i can mix a little hide glue in it, close it up and let it sit for a few hours to fully soak before then clipping it to the side of the mini-crock pot to melt in the hot water bath.

i control the temp with a little digital thermometer immersed in the glue and a piece of plexiglass that gets laid over the whole thing and slid back if it gets too hot. the mini crock pot conveniently won't get its water near 145° with no cover but will get well past that when fully covered, so i can just slide the cover partially over to modulate the temp to where i need it.

i don't do lots of hide gluing, so being able to mix, melt and use a small amount at a time is a plus.


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