Hot rod adjustable truss rod @ Stewmac for a Danelectro DC Bass


I have to install a truss rod (adjustment at heel) in a Danelectro DC bass neck. It's 21 frets and 34'' scale. I'd like to install a double action truss rod. I'd like to install a Stewmac hot rod adjustable truss rod... which one do you suggest?

Thank you for your help

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The long rod with the 4mm end adjuster is probably your best choice of the "hot rod" series  - these rods should be checked for dimensions as they are a very deep rod when compared to the LMI TRED rod  ( rod which I favor over the hot rod units because of superior design and dimensions.


+1 for the LMI rod. Also you could look at the Allied Lutherie double action bass guitar rod.  (



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