Is it possible to intonate this?



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I'm really sorry if it hasn't been clear that I was giving witty reply to your humour.
I've always thought about you and Russel Vance as pleasant humorous luthiers.
But I'm serious too about people's guitars.
Now, about the G spot.... I'll ask to Sophia!
You're always clearly a h00t Antonio and your English is impeccable but can you speak Italian? El Polemo
Wow ! so much discussion , all i can add is that if you look at a strat bridge you will see that the G saddle is set back ( string is longer) toward the butt of the guitar .This is whats needed for a plain 3rd . Most acoustics are set for a wound G which requires a shorter length ( saddle toward sound-hole). Len

I see it. Thank you.

You know, Tim, since I've started to talk in this site (and should be your fault!) my English has improved and my Italian is probably fading a bit. I'll take lessons!!!


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