Good people,

First up, I finally completed guitar #1 after all your good advice on side bending. I'm very happy with both the look and the tone of it. So happy in fact that I am building three more.

Some advice please.

I have built the three backs. Two Indian Rosewood and one Sapele (like build #1).

They have been hanging in the workshop for a couple of weeks awaiting the other bits for final assembly. The Sapele one has gone rogue on me! It has become concave rather than the 15 foot convex radius that I built it to. And it rigidly refuses to do anything different.

Is there a cure that I can use to muscle it back to convex?



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As to the comment about forwards being slow, since I played with a 7 or 8 on my back I have no idea what you are talking about! I was always there first - at least so far as I remember. Rather than "Ill tempered backs" I could just as easily have said "pretty boys" or "show ponies" had I been talking only about footie. As to the Super however- many-it-is now, I cover my bets by supporting the Crusaders (I live in Canterbury) and my fall-back is The Chiefs (I was born in the Waikato) so I think I'm well covered. But if I were a betting man, I'd fancy the Brumbies as an each-way bet.........

Thanks mate, that's a very good point.  Doesn't it brass you off when someone who's smarter than you points something out that should have been obvious!!!


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