I'm just curious of you guys. What do you say to your customers to combat impatience? The number of email and calls I get about, "when will it be ready", or "how much longer"? is driving me crazy. What do you guys say to your customers, ahead of time, to let them know it will be done when it's done? I've been overcome over the holidays as to when their instruments' fret level or such will be done. God forbid, I actually take a vacation over the holidays to spend some time with my family. Anyway, any forthcoming would be greatly appreciated. I'd love a paragraph I could include to an email to say... look.. I'm the only guy in this area that does this type of work.... it'll be done when I get around to it. Please, leave me alone!!

*Sorry to vent... but it gets impossible at times.........

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There's a good old saying: There's good work, fast work and cheap work. Clients can have up to two at once:

A good & fast work won't be cheap.

A good & cheap work won't be fast.

A fast & cheap work won't be good.

Your choice.


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