I'm thinking about swapping out the stock chrome tailpiece on my Ibanez AK85 archtop with an ebony one. Is this an easy mod or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Also, any opinions on whether the tone will improve much? I've already installed an ebony floating bridge and bone nut, both of which improved the tone.

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Hi Dave- I just put in an order to stew mac for some things that I need and, thuming thru the cat. I noticed that they have a tail piece that you are talking about (bout 112 or so bucks)
its a walk in the park change over as I see it--- all ya do is take the old tail piece off and put the ebomy on in place using a cord that they also sell.... you may need a special strap pin to complete the install tho because you are using the strap pin to have the new tail piece work.
best of luck in your adventure and it might give that arch top a bit of "class"


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