My customer has 2 Jazz basses , both 62 RI . The necks are a C shape , and a bit deep at the back . How much depth can I take off before truss rod channel ? Ive done this on several strat type guitars but not a bass. I can get X rays if needed too .

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You could take a super tiny drill bit and drill until it reaches the hollow, or hits the truss rod. I've got some number 60 to 80 bits that are smaller than sewing needles, and will hardly leave a mark once you've shaved the neck. Much cheaper than an X-ray I'm sure.

how do you get x-rays?  Im really curious. is it cheap?  Can you do it in your shop yourself?  Thanks

Hi Alex , one of my customers has a radiology business , we help each other out sometimes . I believe the local Vet might be useful also , just ask . You may want to check my post about a Parker Fly to see some .


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