Has any one out there used the gold fret wire by these people and if so what did you think of it? And how did it stand up to ware?. I had a coustomer asking for it to-day and had never heard of it befor.Bill........

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There you go ..another presatisfied evo user. Long live EVO!

That is some very, very, very nice fretwork there. I'm stunned. I'm flabbergasted. I'm jealous. And I'm glad I read my way through the previous posts to get here.

Beautiful fret ends there - they have a unique look to them.

If anyone is still interested in the brass/nickel silver topic ... when you shop at metal suppliers you see brass and nickel silver both listed under "copper alloys", because copper is the dominant ingredient.  The copper content is a pointer to an important property:   it "work hardens", meaning that it becomes harder with deformation.  (Stainless steel also does this very readily.) 

Copper alloys are available in conditions usually labelled "dead soft", "half hard" and "full hard".  Usually hardness correlates with wear resistance (we like that for frets), but also with elasticity (we don't like that when trying to tap them down).  I know fret wire descriptions often show nickel content, and relate that to hardness - but any alloy can be made harder or softer in the manufacturing process.  As I see it, the trick is to make something that is compliant for installation but resists surface wear.  That Jescar wire must accomplish this with the alloy recipe, while providing it in a state soft enough to not spring back as it is tapped in.  I look forward to trying it.


by the way, that CB Gitty place supplies the wire in 8 in. lengths, how stupid!

Talking about copper or brass fret wire, I have a full roll of brass fret wire so some times I need one fret or two I have some of the original wire!


I just stumbled on this thread…and  just wanted to add my .022…;-)

Having done to date around a dozen or so re-frets with it, I absolutely LOVE the EVO wire, everything about it…the ease of installation, the lack of bruising the wire,the ease of leveling and crowning, and it polishes up just beautifully…it's fingerboard jewelry…:-)
And the bottom line is…so do my customers…!!!

I've one that calls it "Those God frets" that I've done 5 jobs so far with the EVO 58118…;-)
It wears very well too…on three Gtrs that I've seen again have had over a year of daily heavy playing, there's barely a mark on the frets…!!!

It's really great fret wire…try it, you'll LUV it…!!!


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