I'm currently working on an old J45.  The pressing issue was an intermittent "rumbling sound" under the bridge when strummed hard.  My first task will be to take the saddle "assembly" apart to try to see what can done about that. It has the rosewood saddle. I'm going to try to sell them on replacing it with the bone version.  The current action is 8/64.  Not horrible considering. 

     I have further discovered a bit of a "dip"  just in front of the bridge. I'm hoping against hope it's a dryness problem.  I'll try to humidify it.  What is the fix ( if any) if that doesn't work? 

   Thanks all.


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Don't forget to check inside for loose nuts. . .

Will do. Thanks

Many Gibsons of that period do not have a lap jointed X brace.  Instead, one arm is continuous, and the other has two halves that butt against the continuous arm.  The cloth patch hides this "joint." Hard to believe, huh?  But they did this for years.  It helps a lot to make some kind of wood block to hold the pieces together solidly and glue it in.


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