Hi Guys , this is a 96 LP standard , in the middle of the neck the lacquer is cracking , shrinking and starting to fall off . The owner has just bought it so doesn't know the history , but suspects a cheap stand has caused it . I have only seen the melts from latex so I don't know . I have never used butyl , but I have some retarder of some sort from the auto shop . Any ideas ?

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That's not damage from a stand. Perhaps the previous owner lived on a boat?

But its only in the middle of neck , everywhere else is completely normal .

Sure looks like damage from water. Maybe that part of the case was wet with the neck laying in it for a while? A wet something happened. If it is a lacquer, Butyl Cellosolve would help but not necessarily get ride of all of the finish issues, should stabilize it though. May take more than one application and won't fill in the missing bits.

OK thanks Paul and Greg , maybe a wet spot , would some shellac get in under the cracks and flakes and help re-stick them ? Then lacquer ?

I don't know about your shellac idea, never tried anything like that. I think you're best hope of trying to save what's there is to dissolve the finish. I wouldn't experiment with "some retarder of some sort from the auto shop" either. You should be using good quality reducer and retarder made for nitrocellulose lacquer, if that is what the finish is. Butyl Cellosolve works pretty well for dissolving lacquer to a certain point depending on how old the existing lacquer is. Lacquer reducer with some retarder in it may work as well but I would have more confidence making some headway with the Butyl Cellosolve. I don't know what your client is hoping for but a refinish job would get the best results.


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