Looking for Luthier in CA or Austin/TX to build a 56' Les Paul Junior type guitar

Hi,I'm not looking so much for the high end builds, more the luthiers that do good solid work and want to have fun building a 56 Junior. I could think of some cool little changes though. Maybe a flame showing through the burst ;-)

I live in LA (just moved) and I'm sure there are people around, I also go up to the bay area and severa times a year to Austin, TX - so if you know somebody let me know!

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I can highly recommend two builders in Los Angeles. Both are top notch and could handle the job.

Mike Lipe

Gabriel Currie

Also, forum member Eric Johansen is certainly capable. He's in Simi Valley.

Hi Micha-- Go to and you should find a good luthiere there --

best of luck on your search -- peace, Donald

Thanks guys! I'm checking them all out! :-)

Hi Micha.

No suggestions other than what's been given thus far. BTW: I second the motion for Eric. He's a 'top notch' quality guy.

I simply want to applaud your decision to have a luthier built instrument made for yourself.  Given the astronomical prices currently being asked for by the major maker of this style instrument in their premium series of instruments, you're much better off having one built to your spec's. I may cost less and I can almost guarantee the quality will be vastly superior to a factory made axe.

Given the ever increasing prices for solidbody electrics, I think more players will (and SHOULD) take the same path as time passes. My gosh, there are more absolutely brilliant independent luthiers working today than any other time in history. I believe that we've passed the 'Golden Age" of lutherie and have now entered the "Platinum Age" of lutherie.

Again, kudos for your decision & the very best of luck, man!!

Hey Paul,

thanks for your answer! I have a really nice little collection of guitars, and bought, sold, traded and transported quite a few over the years, haha! Right now I'm down to about 8, and I still need that Junior... (and maybe a couple more ;-)

I had several guitars made for me, and hunted down some nice Gibson and Fender Vintage and Custom Shop ones...

So, I found out for me generally works best to have a budget, know what you want and spend some time - let's say you want a killer Tele and you want to spend around $1500-$2000 bucks, you can find nice new and used Fender ones, or give a luthier of your choice the money and you will get something nice too. The difference is though that I can play all those guitars that are already made before I commit...

That being said, I think that a great guitar needs great wood, proper neck tension (a little theory of mine ;-) and a  great luthier, and a Les Paul Junior is a great simple design where you can maybe make nice little changes?

AND oh yes, for the money I have to go to Gibson and try to buy that guitar, I rather have a passionate and skilled person make me something way better.

Thanks again!

Micha, If you go to my website you'll see my '57 Junior on there. It's my favorite electric by far and a copy could made with the appropriate alterations. My schedule has been busy of late but I might be able to fit in a cool little Junior.

Oh and I've got to say a huge thanks to my friends on this board for their greatly appreciated plugs. You guys rock. 

Hey Eric. That sounds great. Let's talk about it!

contact me here or through my website


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