I was going to post this one on the Delcamp Forum, but you guys are alot more fun. Anybody got one? or two?


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One of my favorite pass-times lately.

/Magnus (But not the same as above)
Thank you boys. At the end of another non-profit working day this is another dive into reality. But fun.
Okay, before this thread falls out of the top ten, maybe there could be a contest to finish the limerick:

There once was a luthier from Avalon
Who's latest guitar his wife sat upon....

Give it a shot, Rusty.

the thing was a wreck
except for the neck
so he rebuilt it into a mandolon

Wow, outstanding!!!! I thought the thing was terminal and you scored on it.

There once was a Robert on,
who suggested a limerick could be a bet.
The luthiers there,
have no money to spare,
and rhyming with 'Avalon' isn't easy either.
She said with a grin,
as she wiped off her chin,
this ice cream ran all over my aprin.
...he tried hard to fix it by force
but then he preferred to divorce.

He escape from his wife the next day
to avoid all his money to pay.

Rode fast bound to Kalamazoo
but Gibson had nothing to do.

Guitars were all build in Japan
so he died on the ocean, poor man!

Definitely I have to write some blues or Irish tunes!
Good night.
stick to your gondola gig Antonio.Sleep tighter.
I'm gonna do it tomorrow, Tim! Don't you like sad Irish songs?
The unfortunate lass...also suffered from gas.....An explosion ensued, now guitar is gone.
woohoo, this one gets my vote, well done!


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