Has anyone ordered any jigs/tools  from Luthier Tool Company.  Are they reputable?   Any problems with any of their products besides high priced!

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how about letting me try each tool and letting you know what i think cheers PHB good try
They had a demo booth at the NW Musical Instrument Exhibit in Portland, OR. Their tools are well made and solid, but expensive. If you're going for a production run of guitars, I'd say it makes sense to purchase tools from them. I prefer to make my own jigs and fixtures- that's half the fun of luthiery.

Thanks for the info
I live near Chris Klumper who IS Luthier Tools. The jigs that he produces are very well made. Far better than most of us could do ourselves. They are not cheap, but quality never is. In my experience, they are worth every penny and have saved me many, many hours and significantly contributed to the quality of my builds.
Thanks Jay


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